Zoom! Whitening in Houston, TX

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Social media users seem to believe in the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You’ll frequently see people posting “selfies” or pictures everywhere, including, Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll often see these pictures of people hanging out and having a great time smiling their best smiles. A bright smile means happiness, youth, and vitality. No wonder a lot of people love to show off their beautiful smiles online!
Many people want to improve their smiles and the hassle free way to do this is to get whiter teeth.
Teeth whitening is a common restorative procedure preferred by many that can significantly improve the appearance in every smile and picture.
After some time, stains and dirt accumulate and affect the color of your teeth.

This is where teeth whitening comes into the picture.

Teeth whitening processes restore the surface color of your teeth with the help of bleaching agents that brighten your smile by several shades. There are various alternatives to whiten your teeth. You can choose from over-the-counter products, at-home whitening solutions, and in-house whitening

Amongst the three, In-House whitening is the fastest, most effective and most convenient way of lightening the color of your teeth. Houston dentist Dr. Amir provides Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatments for his patients. The processes use a concentrated whitening gel that is applied to your teeth, which is then activated with a special light in order to give you instantly whiter teeth in just one treatment.

A brighter smile is just one dentist visit away! ZOOM! ® Smile Whitening brightens and whitens your teeth in about 45 minutes. Once you have gone through the Zoom! ® treatment, we will send you home with an at-home whitening bleaching kit with custom made trays. Using the take-home trays will allow you to maintain your desired level of whitening for months.

While Zoom! ® Smile Whitening is an incredible method to enhance the appearance of your smile, it’s not recommended for everyone. Those with profound, dim stains that remain unaffected by whitening treatments and patients with regular tooth sensitivity may not be good candidates To learn more about Zoom!® Smile Whitening visit our website, and when you are ready to have a whiter, brighter smile contact Hyatt Dental for an assessment!


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