Smoking and Dental Implants

[vc_row row_padding_top=”padding-top-30″ row_padding_bottom=”padding-bottom-30″ css=”.vc_custom_1615819839332{margin-top: -100px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]To be considered for dental implant surgery, patients should be in generally good health and not have any conditions that may influence their ability to heal properly. What numerous individuals may not realize is that smoking can also complicate the healing process. More specifically, smoking can make great oral cleanliness difficult to maintain, increase the risk of infection, slow the healing process, and even weaken the structure of the bone. That’s why abstaining from smoking before and especially after undergoing dental implant surgery is essential for long-term success.

Research has shown that smokers are at a higher danger of dental implant failure compared to individuals who don’t smoke. One investigation, specifically, looked at 66 implant patients through the span of five years. The failure rate of the individuals who smoked was 15.8%, while the rate for the individuals who avoided smoking was just 1.4%. This shows that in the event that you have dental implants, it’s to your greatest advantage to stop smoking to ensure the investment you make in your teeth and oral wellbeing has been justified.

Our implant dental specialist, prioritizes patient safety before anything else, which is why she encourages patients to stop smoking before their dental implant surgery. By doing so, she says they’re being proactive in securing their long-term health and lowering their risk of potential complications.


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