The more we age, the more out teeth tend to shift from its original position. This is often noticed by some patients.

Your teeth which have been perfectly straight before may begin to shift forward or twist from its natural position.

You may also notice some oral hygiene issues associated with shifting teeth like difficulty in flossing.

But no worries, you can restore your teeth back to its normal position through Invisalign treatment.

The Invisalign treatment straightens your teeth, with minimal discomfort, so that you can regain your beautiful smile…without anyone knowing you’re doing it!

Highlighted below are 4 good reasons you should go for Invisalign:

  1. Invisibility: When you use Invisalign, people hardly notice you are using them. They won’t even notice that it’s placed in your mouth. You can continue to live your life without anyone knowing that you’re actually straightening your teeth.
  2. Eating your desired food – Invisalign treatment allows you to eat your desired foods anytime any day unlike traditional braces which can dictate what types of foods you can eat and how to eat them.
  3. It saves time and stress – The Invisalign treatment is designed to save you time and stress of visiting your dentist. Once your aligners are set correctly, you only need to schedule to trade these aligners out within a specified period and you only need to visit our office to have our dental team verify that you’re teeth are on track.

4. Comfortable to use– Invisalign doesn’t involve using brackets or wires to scrape against your gums, tongue or cheeks. This method is very simple and easy without giving you discomfort. It can also be customized to your teeth, making it a perfect fit for you. You may experience an initial soreness that occurs when you change your trays, but this generally should last no more than 24 hours.


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