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Dental Crowns in Houston

What you need to know about Dentures

Dental Crowns

If you desire to have a restored tooth, then we have a solution. Dr. Amir Elsakr may recommend a dental crown in Houston, Texas.


What is a Dental Crown?

A Dental crown is used as a coverage for a damaged tooth. A crown not only strengthens a tooth, but it can dramatically improve a tooth’s appearance, shape, and alignment.


Benefits of a dental crown procedure

Tooth Strengthening – A good dental crown gives a tooth some additional strength while restoring its cosmetic appearance and shape.
Tooth Shaping – Broken teeth are among the most common dental problems. They can be more susceptible to decay, leading to other major oral health issues.





Houston Dentures

A dental crown procedure may be used to provide coverage for a damaged or destroyed tooth, to secure a dental bridge, to cover a dental implant, or to cover discolored or misshapen teeth.

Dental crowns are made by first taking an impression of your mouth. The impression is sent to a dental lab where your crown will be custom-made to fit your mouth and match your natural tooth color. A temporary crown will be placed into your mouth until your permanent crown is ready and cemented into place.

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